Spur Resturant and Steak house

Your Ad Here Spur steak ranches The Spur restuarants is a steak house specializing in ribs and steak and is located as most major shopping malls including Gateway, Pavilion, Galleria, La Lucia and Suncoast. Spurs are located through South Africa just about in everytown in South Africa. What makes the resturant really nice is it very family oriented type of restuarant.

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SPur steak ranches 2

Most Spurs have a dedicated kids section where children and some adults to can go and play Playstation, Xbox and for the very young toddlers there is a climbing gym. Whats really good is these section are supervisored at all times normally by one of Spurs employees so it give parents a chance to relax and know there children will be looked after well.

On the menu Spur sell steaks, Ribs, Burgers, some Mexican food and of course the famous salad valley. Add some desert in the form of chico the clown, choc Sundays and of course the Don Pedrows. On the drinks side they have most local alcholic brands, soft drinks and milk shakes.

If you are in South Africa and it happen to be your child birthday they cater very well for it giving you child a chef hat and give you indian hats as the spur theme is the red indian in America the, Added to that they will also bring a sparker and sing happy birthday to the birthday girl or birthday boy.

Price wise it is really good value for money and I would reccomend it anyday

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