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Shopright Checkers is currently the biggest retailer in South Africa and boast a wide variety of items many of them are consumed in South African homes.

Most Stores stock a wide range of foods ranging from Fresh produce to dry goods in the consumer foods division. Most stores only stock food item and really basic super market items but you also get the hyper stores which are located at most major mall in Durban including Pavillion , Gateway Theater of shopping and Galleria.

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The Other Stores are just basic super markets. The hyper stores stock a wide variety of home appliances and major appliances as well a select of furniture.

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Shopright/Checker have also start a new thing recently with there Money market counters the money market counters allow anyone with a South African Id book to send money to another person via Checkers stores. So assume you want to send money to your daughter in Cape Town and you are in Durban all you need to do is go into the Store with you Id and her Id number and you can send money all she need to do is go to the nearest store and redeem the money you have sent.

Not only is the money market working well but you can also as purchase concert tickets, Airline tickets, Bus tickets and all sporting event tickets from there as well. If you book tickets online through Computicket you can also redeem these tickets here at the store by producing you credit card.

Last but not least the hyper stores also have a bottle store and pharmacy under 1 roof. So if you want to go shopping for all you supplies as well want to go see some local shows I would recommend popping into to your nearest hyper store.

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If any suppliers of Shopright Checker want to not capture all the EDI orders and want to take them directly in there accounting system ie Pastel Accounting system Quick books SAP etc

Please call me on +27 728118031 or

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