Planet Fitness Gym

Planet Fitness Gym are located across South Africa and are part of the international group however there are no currently no Planet Fitness in Durban it self this is very unfortunate but hopefully there will be one opening up soon.

However Cape town and Johannesburg do have a few clubs and these club are nothing short of fancy the beauty about these as opposed to there opposition Virgin Active is they tend to stay open a little later than Virgin.

All clubs have a weight training area where you can do weights as well as a spinning class a couple of studios and few other nice to haves. There are classes throughout the day of exercises you might want to take part in as well as swimming lessons in the pool for the young ones and the not so young ones.

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Planet fitness gyms also allow people to pay for a 1 day pass to there gyms which make it really nice for the tourist or business man who just wants to have a 1 day workout.

Like Virgin active planet fitness also belong to the discovery and momentum plans where you can get you a huge discount on your gyms fees this is particularly nice because there are huge saving on gym etc. Planet fitness also offers personal trainers to train you but these are at you own expense if you wanting to get into shape fast I would recommend a personal trainer to you.

Overall if you coming to South Africa for a week and want to keep with you exercise routing I would high recommend Planet Fitness gyms to you.

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