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Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay is you general super market located at most major malls in Durban and throughout South Africa. Pick n Pay has 3 classification of store being your Hyper market which is the largest of all the 3 types of Supermarker store.

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The Hypermarkers stock anything from you major appliances, Computers similar to game but with the exception that they also stock the basics food type. There are 2 Hyper markets in Durban one being in Durban North and the other Amanzimtoti.

Pick n Pay store

The Other Pick n Pay are your family stores and mini markets being the smallest of the 3. The family stores are you general super markets and cate for everything that you would normally buy on a monthly shop as well as a few small appliances and small rang of clothing. Pick n Pay does not sell alcohol directly off the shelf but does however sell good South African wine which is a must if you going there. For you hard liquor you can always goto the Pick n Pay bottle store normally located just around the corner from most family stores and definitely at all hyper stores.

The Mini stores really only cater for day to day basic foods. Eg Milk break. Pick n Pay is South Africa 2nd biggest food retailer after Shopright Checkers but just from a local perspective I would highly recommend Pick n Pay for your one stop shopping.

Pick n Pay also for you convenience allow people to go shopping online for there monthly groceries and currently as far as I know the only food retailer in South Africa that allow people to shop online a define must if you here to enjoy your holiday and don’t want to be bothered with shopping. To shop online simple visit www.picknpay.co.za also check out there weekly specials in the local news papers.

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