Mediclinic and Medical Info for Durban

Don`t be like a a lot of tourist who come to South Africa. They pack a bag full of medications. Durban has Mediclinic which is a 24-hr emergency center which is constantly manned by experienced medical doctors and registered nurses. Seriously-ill patients will be treated immediately. The unit endeavours to incorporate the patient's general practitioner in the further treatment of the patient.

Other private hospitals to mention a few St Augustine and Parklands are part of the Netcare Group then there is Westville Hospital, Crompton, Addington an new one on Hillcrest which are are part of Life Group.

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But coming back to Mediclinic they offer world health care and you as a tourist don`t need to worry about a thing.

Some Quotes off there website

Mediclinic fully supports the principle of improving access and affordability of healthcare to all South Africans and we would like to participate in the development of the NHI proposal. The private hospital sector is a national asset and as such can contribute positively to the process. This policy can only be realised through harnessing the skills and ability of all role players.

The private healthcare industry is often poorly understood and a lot of misconceptions abound. Several myths and imbalanced opinions were recently raised in the media and Mediclinic hopes that research and statistics will address some of these misperceptions and answer many of the critical questions around pricing, through a transparent and collaborative process. It is important to again stress that pricing is negotiated and agreed with medical schemes on an annual basis in a sound commercial and competitive process - they most certainly do not fall prey to bullying from the private hospitals but rather pay commercially negotiated tariffs.

Mediclinic Southern Africa (MCSA) welcomes the recently released National Health Insurance green paper as a positive step towards creating the forum for establishing a sustainable long-term approach to healthcare delivery. As a private hospital group that has been operating sustainably and effectively in the country for over 28 years with proven expertise, MCSA has for some time contended that sustainable solutions can be effected through a systematic, informed, collective and scientific approach.

In South Africa both the private and public hospital sector has to deal with the industry context and often challenging reality. The severe shortage of healthcare professionals is one such a challenge that affects both sectors and will remain a critical obstacle in realising the goals of the NHI. Here too we can provide significant support towards realising the intentions of developing training programmes and opening up training opportunities for healthcare professionals that can meet the requirements of all South Africans.

It is an international reality that well qualified healthcare professionals are in very high demand. As one of the Mediclinic principles, we endeavour to attract quality healthcare professionals across all disciplines as part of providing expertise our patients can trust. At the same time doctors have freedom of choice as to where they would like to work.

The Government promised a completely open debate once the proposal is published and we now intend to be a constructive and active partner in the debate.

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