Game Stores

Game Stores

Game is a retailer in South Africa and is part of the Massmart group. It is found at most major shopping malls throughout South Africa but we only going to talk about the ones located in Durban. It is located at the Pavillion Maill, Gateways Theatre of Shopping, Galleria Shopping mall, GameCity and Pinecrest. There are 2 outlying stores in Margate as well as Ballito.

Being a chain store all most all the stores are the same in design look and feel. They host a range of products ranging from Television set, Computers, sports equipment and a lot of food product however they don`t stock thing like milk and bread. They Mainly products that have a slightly longer shelf life. They also stock Dvd`s , Cd`s and most entertainment products like Xbox and Playstaion..

Tips for shopping at this store?

1. As a tourist you can keep anything you buy at these stores and claim the Vat tax back when you leave the airport a lot of people don’t realize this but you do.

2. All the stores offer 100% price beat on any item you find in the shop as well as a 21 garentee that if you can find it cheaper in the next 21 days they give you a voucher for the difference added to this if they beat there own price you can go and claim the difference.

What Brands do they Sell

They sell a wide variety of brands a lot of the more fimilar brands like LG, Samsung, Defy just to speak of a few. They also do a lot of the local brands like Mecer and Logik. My advice to travelers wanting to buy that camera or Xbox for there kids is buy known brands that have an international warranty like HP so that if you have a problem when you leave South Africa and go home you can get you local vendor to fix that item for you or that the part are easily available in you country.

Just a rought Breakdown of the things you can buy at GameStores Jewellary, Camping equipment, most Electronic goods, Consoles, Computer, Television, Major appliances, Sweets and chocolates, most dry goods in the food section, soft drinks, Dvd`s , cd`s , Pc and console games, stationary and many more items to many for me to list.

A word of advice

One thing to remember also about buying items abroad is the check the voltage of the item you buying and also remember South Africa plugs are different to the rest of the world however a lot of item are 2 prong and South Africa does support 2 prong items

On a final Note don’t forget to check out the weekly specials on there website or in the local paper. as there as normally some nice weekely specials there.