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Premier Lan Gaming
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Frag LAN
Start: 09 December 2011 @ 10am
End : 11 December 2011 @ 10am

Place: Edgewood College Dininghall, KZN, Pinetown
Cost: R220 via EFT or R250 at the door

Our Website:
Contact 0728118031 (james)
check us out on

Bookings will only be accepted upon payment for the seats. No reservations will be made without payment.
Lan Tournaments

StarCraft2 1 vs 1
Cod4 5 vs 5
CS 3 vs 3 maybe 5 vs 5
Dota 5 vs 5
Guitar hero
Fighting games
+ 1 other xbox game

Each person is allowed to take part in two competitions at each event.


Prizes Final plenty of lucky draws as well


1st =5x MSI z68 boards
2nd = 5x Thermatake 5x Shock Spins
3rd = 5x Mother Boards Amd
4th = 5x Hirsch vouchers
5th = 5x flash drive or battle fields 3


GFx Cards are decent waiting for confirmation
Thermatake 5x Black Elements
Dion wired vouchers
flash drive or battle fields 3
flash drive or battle fields 3

Counter strike

5 x AMD Phenom II X6 1075 CPU’s
Thermtake 5x Challenger Pro
flash drive or battle fields 3

Starcraft 2

1st=1x Gfx Card
2nd=1x Mother Board

Over R25 000 worth of prizes
Games winners will have their photo taken with their prize

First National Bank
Acc. Name: FRAG Events
Acc. No.: 62204164876
Branch: 250102
ACCOUNT SEE BELOW .............
Reference: "your cell number"

NB NB Please email you name,Cellnumber,email,address and if you paying for more than one person there details as well please NB NB NB

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Frag Lan

Frag history where it all started

Ok, so you guys are always giving us some feedback, well, now it's our turn. Just a little bit of info here and if there is anything that you would like to know, please ask it in this thread and we'll answer it. Also, if you have any special moments, memories or thoughts to share, please post it and I will update this post with it. This is like a Wiki-FRAG thread, it will be edited as we go along so if anything is missing, please tell us.

Please note: I have only been involved with FRAG since September 2007 so this is a 2-year milestone for myself personally, one of the main reason why I am doing this. This will also be James 2-year milestone event!

**Please don't make any random 1-line comments as such or spam**

PreludeRon2k wrote:0. FRAG was conceived in April 2007 - in my garage. Had some mates over at my place for a social LAN (who turned out to be the original founders), and much whining was going on about the lack of gaming events in Durban at the time (Uberlan was dead, the Game City LANs were dead, Vendetta had just started out and we didn't even know of their existence), so I suggested that we do something about it. We found a venue, scrounged around for some switches, crimped some cables, got a whole whack of extension leads (we knew bugger all about power), and hosted the June 2007 event, which managed to get James' attention. The rest is history.


1. FRAG had it's official first event in June 2007 at Toti High where there were 28 gamers (Original founders were Craig (freeloader), Michael (killerbyte), Kieron (Ron2k) & they were assisted by Francois (Ravenlord) & Ben (RobThePyro) & Julian (Xiphan) - there were probably more - i wouldn't know, i wasn't there.

2. September 2007 - FRAG's 2nd event had 70 gamers attend and it was held at Crawford College. (This was James and I's first event with FRAG)

3. December - event was held at Westville Boys High, Drama Hall and yeah, there was drama!! We had 110 gamers come and we had the worst power trip we have ever had with there being no power from 10pm Friday to 4am Saturday morning!!! Yet we only had 1 guy who wanted to "sue" us and wanted a refund. We got the power back on and we learnt a helluva lot about power and since that day FRAG has not had another power trip or power incident lasting more than 1 hour. BIG THANKS TO ALL THOSE THAT STAYED THAT FRIDAY - the event turned out great in the end.

4. September 2008 - we had 2 1 and 2 events in September, as we couldn't get a date in August so ya. 5th September was by far the biggest event we had had to date, with just on 200 guys coming to the event - not bad! We gave away R35k worth of prizes at this event! We had The Lair come and run the comps for the event and we learnt alot from them. 2nd event was held at Westville Boys High

5. December 2008 - The first Showcase! FRAG had a full-page advert in NAG. We had teams come from Cape Town, PE, Jhb and Pretoria come to the event. 350 guys came to the event and we ran it with the help of Mayhem from Jhb. At that stage last year, FRAG could only handle up to 200 guys on our own, with make between plans here and there and that is why we needed Mayhem to assist and we're thankful that they did. Once again, The Lair ran the competitions. We didn't do as good as we had hoped, but still, a 350-man LAN with gamers coming from across the country was great!! Photo's

6. January 2009 - so we started off 2009 not so great. We had a smallish lan - but yet, 200 gamers showed up. We introduced something different, an alternative to the usual pc gaming, Jenga. Turned out to be a success and now we have started implementing more different games as we go along. Awesome!!

7. February 2009 - Whoa - Xbox tournaments!! Guitar Hero!!! SingStar crazyiness. I think we started to let it all hang out in that event. Photos. But once again, 200 + gamers at the event = an awesome lan!

8. April 2009 - Street Fighter 4 tournament, mystery comps (not liked by all ) and ofcourse 200+ gamers!! Nuff said!

9. June 2009 @ Crawford College!!!!!OMW - this was a busy event! 275 gamers crammed into Crawford College - that is absolutely insane!! We couldn't get Edgewood as a venue for this event, so we had to make do with Crawford, which we did. Thanks to everyone who put up with the crammed space. We even had our very own FRAG dungeon (cold spot right at the back behind the stage and screen.. ) - check the Photos

10. August 2009 - so during Matric exams, we still manage to get 200 gamers to the event, that is awesome and testament to the gamers in KZN. Altho 1 small power trip, everything else went flawless. Photos

So now comes September 2009, and what do we have to say so far with regards to where FRAG has come from and where we are going:


Status as at September 2007

1 x 26-port 10/1001 x 48-port Gb switch1 x 16-port Gb Dlink-- a few flylead LAN cables to go around)(as for the rest, I don't think there was much more than this.)

Status as at September 2009

6 x 48-port Gb switches1 x 24-port Layer 4 Gb switch1 x 24-port Gb switch3 x 16-port Gb switch--an array of 8-port and 10-port mix of Gb and 10/100 switches as well as the trusty 26-port 10/100 switch from Sept 2007)-- approx. 5Km of network cable.


Status as at September 2007

1 x db board10m 3-phase trailing cablemultiple extensions

Status as at September 2009

3 x db boards (custom built, designed to power 120-150 gamers)>75m 3-phase trailing cable>300m custom-built "kettle-plug" power lines>50 dedicated Janice coupler extension lines

As for numbers, well, in June 2007 there were 28 or so gamers, now we have over 900 on our database!!! Do the math, that's a huge increase in 2 years!!!! If we carry on like this, we'll be sitting at 2000 gamers in KZN by the end of 2011!!


As for our forums, well, close to 400 members in less than 2 years is quite an accomplishment for a "LAN" from Durban so that speaks for itself. Our forums rock tbh - we have some of the coolest forumites out!


FRAG has been sponsored by some of the biggest names in the gaming/pc industry, these include:

Omega DistributorsFoxCompRectronCorex



PC FormatNAG

NGR ComputersSaturn Technologies

Together with the sponsors listed above and the prizes FRAG sponsor themselves, we have given away close to R200 000 worth of prizes, if not more.

Note: FRAG even has their own online shop located here which is proudly administered by NGR Computers. This shop is not here for FRAG to make a profit by the way, this is a way for FRAG to get suppliers products listed on the site and secure better sponsorship deals for FRAG. FRAG doesn't get 1c of profit from the online shop.


Last, but not least - thanks to all the staff and people who work at FRAG! Even those that just come early to the event and end up helping us setup the venue. You guys all know who you are and know that we appreciate all that you do for FRAG!!!

Frag Lan is Durban` premier Gaming event

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