Fifa 2010 world cup

The Fifa 2010 world cup was a huge success and as a South African I can really say that I proud of the world cup we have hosted and hope that you the tourist will come back to our rainbow nation. The world cup to me was very exciting and the atmosphere at the 2010 world cup fan park was lovely. I was not privileged to able to attend any of the game as the tickets in Durban the warmest place to be where all sold out first in the country but I did watch the final in the Fan park in Durban.

Your Ad Here The Fan park must have had about 30 000 people in it as well as some live performers know add the sounds of 10 000 vuvazelas and 20 000 flags and you have an absolutely awesome time. Myself I was hoping for the Netherlands to win but this didn`t quite happen that way. But after the final whistle went we were treated to a lovely display of firework on the beach which was absolutely amazing. Well done to South Africa and the city of Durban for an amazing month I know myself I going to miss the world cup a lot.

I hope that all of you people who experienced the world cup will come back to South Africa someday and come and enjoy our hospitality once again and make sure that you pull in here by Durban.

Please I Invite people to share there experiences of the world cup here on this page below as well as to please upload you photos as I was very silly and didn’t take a camera to the Fan park with me. Leave Fifa 2010 world cup and return to the home page

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