Durban Golf Courses

Durban Golf Course are some of the greenest golf courses in the country as Durban is a tropical area and there is plenty of Rain all year around to keep the grass nice and green.

Papwa Golf Course


Papwa Gold Course Papwa Golf Course is located on the banks of the Umgeni river. The course is a full 18 hole Golf course and is for Durban is relatively flat. Furthermore the cost of playing golf here is not bad at all for a round. I played there about twice in my years visiting Durban and have enjoyed a lot. Papwa Allow golf cart but does not hire them out through the club.

Accomodation Near Papwa Golf Course

-Riverside Hotel
-10 Woodlands Road B&B Durban

Kloof Country Club

Kloof Country Club Kloof country Club is located in the heart of Kloof and this is also full 18 hole Golf course is slightly on the more expensive side as golf course go in Durban but is still very cheap compared to international standard. The club offer full cart rental for a fee and is a beautiful but rather hilly course.

Accommodation Near Kloof Country Club

-Biz Afirka
-Premier Hotel Pinetown

Royal Durban Golf Club

Royal Durban The Royal Durban Golf Course is located in the center of Durban and is full 18 hole golf course there are a lot of sponsored day golf events which take place here. The Golf course is closed during the Durban July period so that the horse racing can take place. But the course is otherwise open most days. Golf Course are availible for hire and the Golf is a little more than most clubs but is fairly priced and very cheap compared to international standards.

Accommodation Near Royal Golf course

-Suncoast Coast Casino and Resort
-Albany Hotel
City Lodge Durban Central
Hilton Hotel
Southern Sun North Beach
Formula 1 Hotel

Bluff Country Club

Bluff Country CLub This Beautiful little country is located on in the heart of the Bluff and is a full 18 hole golf course. Golf cart are available for a fee and there a loads of sponsored golf days due to bluff being close to loads of major industry.

Accommodation Near Bluff Country Club

-Chicken Shack
-Oceans 4 Self Catering Holiday Apartments

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Mount Edgecomb Country Club

mt edge comb Estate This is a 36 hole golf consisting of 2 course located in the Mount Edgecomb Estate. Golf Course are available for a small fee. This course is a really up market and is home to the real wealthy in the Durban area. Located very close to Gateway Thearter of shopping it a real gem of a course to play. The course has mnay up and downs so get ready to walk or drive in you cart.

Accommodation near Mount Edgecomb Estate

City Lodge Umhlanga
Gateway Country Lodge
Protea Hotel Umhlanga Hotel
Holiday Inn Express
Cabab Life style resort