Durban flights to the rest of the world

Durban Flights to and from Europe to South Africa

To get to Durban is relatively simple. There is only one major international flight to Durban and that is operated by Emirates Airline from Dubai. However most major international Airline including Emirates, British Airways, Air France, Swiss Air, Lufthansa and most other international Carries all Fly to Johannesburg from Johannesburg you can catch British Airway, Kulula, 1 time, SAA, Mango airline to King Shaka Airport in Durban.

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If you wanting to get from Asia to Durban I would take anyone of the Major carriers including Singapor Airlines, Cathy Pacific, Jet Airway or SAA to Johannesburg and then catch a domestic flight on the British Airway to King Shaka Airport Durban. But probely still the most affordable way to fly is to take a flight to Dubai and then catch a direct flight to Durban

Durban Flights to and from Australia to Durban South Africa

You can catch a from anywhere to Johannesburg and then catch a local British Airways flight to Durban. However a lot of people find it cheaper to catch a flight on Emirate to Dubia and the fly directly to Durban

Durban Flights to and from North America to Durban South Africa

To be honest I not fimilar with the flights from North America to Durban but I know American Airlines fly to Johannesburg as well as SAA and of course Emirates from personal experience I would recommend Emirates all the way.

Durban Flights to and from South America to Durban South Africa

1 or only 2 ways to go you can fly SAA from Buenos Aires or from Rio de Janairo to Cape Town or Johannesburg and then catch a local flight to Durban or Fly Emirates to Dubai and Dubai to Durban.Flights to and from India to Durban or Durban to India

The reason that I telling you about this is India want to fly directly to Durban and I pretty sure its going to happen on Jet Airways but until that does happen why not take a flight on Emirate via Dubai to Durban.

Other Direct international flights to Durban

Other Direct international flight to Durban include Mauritius and Maputo these flight operated by South African express a division of SAA. But in Due time I think British Airways will be flying to Durban one day as well. Also if you looking for direct flights from Durban into the rest of Africa there are some charter companies that offer charters from Durban to pretty much anywhere you want to go in Africa

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