Accomodation Durban South Africa

Accomodation Durban South Africa varies from how much you are willing to spend and what type of accommodation you are wanting all booking for accommodation can be made by click here but should wish to do a search a more detailed you can also use the search button below. Some of the places I would recommend which are all available on Search above are the RiverSide Hotel , Suncoast Coast Casino and Resort , Sibaya Casino and City Lodge

city lodge 3

these are all Hotel and are very up market and baring Sibiya are all pretty much in the center of town of Durban there are a few other Hotels as well but to many for me to Mention.


Accommodation in Durban South Africa: B&B are every where like some of the B&B featured in this website are 10 Wood Lands Drive this place is idea for the person who want to get away and self cater but breakfast is on the house. It located in Glenwood and is very central but not within walking distance to the beach.

Gateway Country Lodge is quite close to Gateway shopping center and is close to the Umlanga village.

Gateway country Lodge Room

Madadeni B&B is also very nice and I would reccomend you stay there is self Catering is you thing.

Budget Accomodation

Generally speaking B&B are cheaper than Hotel but if you cannot find and cheap accommodation click on this link and do a search by price I seen place advertising for accommodation for a low as ZAR100 I have personally not stay at any of these places but give them a try and send me a mail of what you think.

Just a few I can think of are the YMCA which a youth type of hostel but I believe some of them are quite nice.

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