Club Trio KZN Lifestyle Club

Strawberry Lips

Club Trio Swingers Club is a very up market venue located in Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal. The club is about 500 square meters and has a lovely dance floor with excellent sound and lighting. The walls of the club are sound proofed to help the acoustics of the venue. Even if you are not a swinger and just want to come out for a sexy evening I would highly recommend this club as long as a few naked people don’t bother you (Please take note this is not a strip club but a genuine swingers club for couples and singles alike).

Club Trio offers a number of things that normal clubs don’t offer.


1. Heated Martini Seat Pool where on a party night you will more than likely see some people relaxing or even getting it on in the pool. But if you are just a curios person and that is not your thing then it is noteworthy that the pool is separate from the main club area and you are not required to interact.


2. Upmarket Clean Rooms for couples or single people if you want to interact sexually with just your spouse or others as you may connect with on the evening. You can also interact with multiple couples in a single room by invitation. Once again these rooms are secluded and private. The club has a number of rooms ranging from the large Red room with 2 beds in it to the Silver, Green, Blue and Purple rooms. The reason that these rooms are called by different colours is that each room has a corresponding light which sets different moods for you. This is very effective and especially makes every person look very different in the type of lights.


3. Showers are provided just in case you want to try having a shower with someone or you just want to freshen up during the evening after dancing etc.


4. Massage area for erotic massages to give or receive as the mood suits you.


Further to that the clubs bar has a wide range of alcoholic drinks and soft drinks for those who don’t wish to drink. Coffee and Tea is also provided on request.


There is a wide variety of music played at the club ranging from 60`s 70`s 80`s 90`s and the latest popular hits.


How does a general club night go


Club Trio opens at 20:00 and most of time until about 21:00 people are just socializing and having a few drinks. From about 21:00 on the music at the clubs starts to get a little more upbeat and you might see a few people on the dance floor. 21:45 all the first time visitors are called for the club induction which lasts about 10 minutes, whereby the rules etc of the club are explained and questions answered. After this the party really starts to get going until the early hours of the next morning.

The club is really worth a visit as a swinger or someone who is interested in the lifestyle. There is no requirement for you to “perform” and no pressure will be placed upon you. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Two of the most important rules of Club Trio Club is No is No at all times and that ladies rule 100%.


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