Spar Foods Retailer

Yes people believe South Africa and Durban do have Spars which is part of the Spar group Internationally. There is probably a Spar in every Suburb in Durban and yes people they are exactly the same as they are in Europe, India and States and probably the rest of the world .


Spar is Divided into 3 types of Spars.

1.Quickspar which keeps you basic Groceries and normally quite small Spars.

2.Spars which keep everything the quickspars keeps but they have bakery and small butchery. Some of them have a Tops bottle store adjacent to them as well .

3.SuperSpar have everything the little ones have and more they also stock some electrical goods and have a full on butchery as well.

All the Spars also make a selection of quick meals for people who don`t feel like cooking supper and these are really yummy meal I often buy one for lunch but I would recommend that you pop in of you planning to go on a picnic.

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Some of my favourite stalls are Glenwoord , Knowles , Hillcrest, Umlanga and last but not least Gateway.

Favourite Meal

Got to be Knowles meat they have the highest quality of braai meat and its presented in a way that will make want to buy. Glenwood I like the select of rolls particularly there cheese rolls and Russian rolls

Quote from Spar Website

Spar say the following about there house brands "The SPAR Brand products are a special offer of leading quality at more competitive prices from us to you.

Only the finest ingredients are used to ensure you get the best quality!

With quality being our top priority, we offer a 'Double Your Money Back Quality Guarantee' on all SPAR Brand products. We also keep ahead of quality standards by having our products tested on a monthly basis by an independent laboratory.

A prominent focus on interesting and exciting ranges will provide for more convenience as well as affordable options for special meals and every day entertaining.

SPAR Brand - As good as the best, for less!"