South Africa prepaid sim card

South Africa prepaid sim card are available everywhere from most retailers in South Africa. A little word of advice for foreigners the Sim card are sold at most South African Airports and are a rip off. Only 8-ta give there Sim cards away for free at the airports.

Cellphone Operators

Advice in getting Sim Cards

You need you passport and possible a proof of address as well as a foreigner so just have that on hand just in case they ask you for proof of address. I have also ask local vendors and they said to me they accept an invoice at the hotel you stay as proof of address or a letter from that hotel. Some Hotels even sell sim cards

Pros and Cons of Networks


SA most established network and probally has the best Data network coverage in the country. Would not use them for making voice calls as they are pretty expensive. They are also part of the Vodafone group.Sim Cards at retailers are R1


South Africa second biggest network but africa biggest this is a local South African Company and they coverage is excellent and data bundle are competitive. I regard there voice call as one of the most expensive though. Sim Card at retails are about R1


Currently offer the cheapist call rate on the market and everything is per second generally there network coverage is ok but there data is good in areas and not so good in other ares they are the only network to offer full lite in South Africa currently. Sim card are R1 at most retailers


South Africa newest Network if you gonna be in South Africa for a long item use them because you get 1 minute back for every 3 minutes people call you. Have not tried out there data as of yet. Sim cards are free at all telkom shops and R1 at retailers

Virgin mobile

Cellphone calls are competitive. Network roams on Cell C. Not a big fan as i find there call center service not so great. Data they don`t offer 3g but have the lowest data package on the market.

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