Rick Shaw Bus Tour

Rick Shaw Bus Tour is a three-hour tour through the city on an open-top double-decker bus.

Rick Shaw Bus

Did the tour and I would highly recommend it be the first thing you do as a tourist to Durban as this tour will familiarize you with the city. Tours start at 9am and 1pm from Rickshaw Bus Kiosk next to Metro Police, behind Garden Court Marine Parade and end at the same location.

On the Tour I learned a hell of alot about Durban which me as a local did`nt know for example you can go Bunji Jumping off the roof of 1 hotel cant remember for the life on me which one but they tell on the tour.

What really make the tour nice its an open top bus tour but be warned the African sun is bright so be sure to wear some sun block. Your Ad Here

Tour Route

The tour start on the beach front and take you past Ushaka Marine World then you go past the revolving restaurant and Durban car terminal from there you go past the Durban market and the Mosque.

From there you go past toll gate bridge where you stop for a brief stop to go to the toilet and buy some refreshments.

From there it off to the rich suburbs of morning side where you go past the state presidents house in Durban. From there is back to the beach front where you go past the Moses Mahida Stadium.

Then back to the beach past Suncoast Casino and entertainment world and back to the Holiday Inn all in all the Rick shaw bus tour is a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I would highly bus tour to familiarize yourself with the city however the one thing I did n like was you don`t go up to Umlanga and Gateway area anyway do the tour you won`t regret it.

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