Primi Piatti

Primi Piatte

Primi Piatti is restaurant franchise which is located across South Africa in Durban and surrounding areas they have 5 Restaurants 2 of them are located at Gateway theater of shopping and Pavillion shopping center other branches are in Musgrave, Hillcrest and Ballito. Primi Piatti offer a wide range of pizza`s, salads, burgers and steaks depending if the restaurant you visiting is Primi express or full on Primi restaurant.

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Primi express Stores

Primi Piatte express stores are take out and delivery for those night you want just stay in you hotel

Primi Espress introduces fervent food ethics to the Take-Out industry, utilising numerous technological advances, such as electromagnetic energy which is planet friendly, faster and safer than gas. All items are made from the freshest and finest ingredients to ensure ‘taste above all else’ and Primi Xpress’s advanced processes ensure wholesome meals made fast.

A unique pizza base with naturally cultured sourdough, extra virgin olive oil, coarse sea salt, no GMO’s, no additives, crispier, tastier, fewer calories, less yeast and more protein. Homemade pasta with coarse ground, high-protein Italian semolina flour, purified water, eggs and salt. Low in fat, low in cholesterol, high in energy, are just a few of Primi Xpress’s differentiators.

Inspired by technological innovations and international architectural layouts, Primi Xpress has been modelled to efficiently operate and produce fresh and fast meals in less than 100m2 of space.

Primi cafe

Primi World has fashioned a European chic Caffé to create a range of eating experiences, catering for the most discerning customer while still retaining accessibility for those who want a casual comfort meal or a quick snack.

Focused on Secondi Piatti, Primi Caffé not only boasts a broad selection of Pizza and Pasta but also embodies open displays with freshly baked cakes, muffins, ice cream, health offerings and sandwiches for purchase direct over the counter, or to indulge seated at our interactive Caffé service counters.

Perfect in a vibrant city setting where convenience, speed, quality and energy are on order.

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