Frikin Pavilion

The Firkin Brewery

Firkin Brewery - (031) 265 0154

The Firkin Brewery is situated on the roof level of the Pavilion centre in Westville, Durban and has been in existence since the opening of the Pavilion in 1994. Now under new ownership this niche Brewery can produce up to 8500 litres of draught beer a month, which is sold on the premises and in select outlets. The Firkin Brewery is home to Foxx Lager and Foxx Red Ale, and is the venue that has given birth to this independently brewed beer. Boasting a huge range of beers on tap, Firkin Brewery gives you the opportunity to partake in nature’s finest beverage, at a venue which caters for shopping and relaxation.

Firkin provides the feel of being in the brewing environment with its beautifully crafted copper vats and authentic brew house. One has the choice of sitting at the bar, in the restaurant or on the open patio.

The Firkin Pub and Brewery is a comfortable spot to watch cricket or rugby on the big-screen TVs, or just enjoy their large selection of beers. The menu consists of standard pub fare like bangers & mash, fish & chips, and thick-crusted pies.

Your Ad Here They’ve also made forays into live entertainment, hosting a range of local bands from roots drummers Napalma, to Indie rockers - Fire Through the Window, to Metalheads - Contrast the Water. It’s a great idea, because their location ensures they won’t have the municipality shutting them down for noise complaints. Best of all, they give the people the music they want for a price they like… free! That’s right, all the concerts have no cover charge.

Even better, the toilets are always clean and there’s safe parking available in the Pavilion centre, even when it’s competitive.

The Firkin can be found at numerous place throughout South Africa but unfortunely there is only 1 in the city of Durban.


Spur Pavilion

Kansas Spur - (031) 265 0227/ 6

For over 40 years, Spur Steak Ranches have been part of the South African family.

It all began in 1967, when founder and executive chairman, Allen Ambor, invested R4000 to open the Golden Spur in Newlands, Cape Town. It fast developed a reputation for tasty, nutritious, value-for-money meals. (A Spur burger cost just 40 cents in those days.)From these early beginnings, Spur has grown into an internationally recognized brand with over 237 local and 28 international restaurants. You’ll even find a Spur in the United Kingdom, Australia and Mauritius.

So what's the winning recipe? Well, start with a warm, relaxed, family-friendly environment, and add generous portions of great tasting food, and a hearty helping of quality. Then all that is left to add is you! As the official restaurant of the South African family, Spur are committed to serving generous portions of the best-tasting food in a friendly and relaxing environment. Drop in for a great time with the whole family. Spur has something for everyone...
BSpur has a great menu with the finest AAA-grade beef, and has invented favorites like the original Cheddamelt, Goodie and Manhattan Mushroom Burgers. Served with crispy chips and our famous Spur-style onion rings, the Spur Burger is as much a part of South African life as Karoo koppies, endless beaches and thorn trees - just a lot tastier.

The Spur has got to be my wifes favourite restuarant through out South Africa also don`t forget to take the kids there on there Birthdays as they get indian hats.

The Spur is found at most shoppings malls through Durban a few just to mention is Gateway Hillcrest mall and many other arounbd Durban. Your Ad Here

John Dory’s

john Dory Pavilion

John Dory’s - (031) 265 1372

The secret to John Dory’s success lies in the authentic fish and grill offerings at excellent value. A good measure of quality food, a big dollop of fun and family atmosphere, stirred together with vibrant décor makes John Dory’s a recipe made to rise!With a wide selection of fish, shellfish, calamari, and sushi, John Dory’s is perfect for any seafood lover. If however, you prefer something other than seafood, they also offer a variety of mouth watering steaks, chicken, salads or pasta, as well as offering combo options for the best of both worlds.

Good service and an unsurpassed ambience add to the pleasurable dining experience. John Dory’s has a special kiddies menu, as well as balloons and children’s activity sheets to keep the little ones smiling. It is indeed an awesome family restaurant with top notch food!

John Dory`s is also present at Gateway and also down at the village near Ushaka. pavilion john dory 2 These are just a few of the excellent restaurants you will find at the Pavilion, all ready and able to satisfy your taste adventure needs.Or if you are just looking for something light to nibble on, you may try the following:

London Pie - (031) 265 8260

Cinnabon - (031) 265 2466

Boesmanland Biltong - (031) 265 1748

Bread Ahead - 079 579 8153

Kauai Make really good healthy food if that your type of thing.

So you see, the Pavilion Shopping Centre has a huge selection of fun activities, as well as great food and an amazing shopping experience. Why look any further? Come, join us now!