60 Person - Harbor Cruise & 50 Person Open Water Cruise

Durban Party cruises

Party Boat Cruises - The Best DAM Parties in AFRICA

It’s Party time on "MY GIRL" in the Durban harbor!This super luxury 60 person capacity catamaran is the ideal way to entertain any group of friends or clients. Fitted with two on board toilets, 4 bed rooms, galley and huge decks this boat is the ideal vessel for an hour harbor and sea going cruise. Also you might want to enjoy a night time Party cruises which is a really nice way to see the light of the city of Durban and surrounding areas. You are welcome to bring your own snacks & drinks aboard as the boat does not carry any stock of its own.

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Romantic Cruises

Titanic pictures

I have to add this in. If you looking to find someone it might well be worth your while to try one of these cruise as it where I got to together with my wife today. We did the titanic thing on the front of the boat and had our first kiss there she could say no at the time. So if you looking to impress someone you really like these boat cruises are definitely worth it. My experience was we started the cruises with all the guard up but after 3 drinks by the time we got to the Durban Harbor exit to go into the Sea I had her in my arms and never had a kiss like that. Just a word of advice it worked for me. I then 2 years later took her on another cruise and asked her to Marry me and she said yes and today we married.

The boat may be chartered at R4000 (Ex Vat) per hour and is subject to a minimum of a 3 hour cruise. For and evening Cruises I think the rate are pretty much the same.

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Booking and Confirmations

Cruises will only be secured once a 50% deposit has been received. The outstanding amount is due 14 days before the cruise.If the cruise is within 14 days of the invoice being processed, full payment will be required to confirm. No cruise will be confirmed until all money owing have cleared into our account. The Charters will only accept cash or electronic payments - no cheque payments will be accepted.

Any cancellations, once confirmation and first payment has been made, will be subject to a cancellation fee. The 50% deposit will be retained should the cancellation be within 30 days of the cruise. The full 100% payment will be retained should the cancellation take place 14 days before the cruise. Clients will be held liable for all cancellation costs.

durban party cruises

Terms and Conditions
All quotations are valid for 14 days
Prices may change without prior notice. Party Boat Charters will not be held responsible for weather conditions that may have an affect on the cruise. Party Boat Charters will not be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may take place on the boat or in the resorts where the boats are docked. All guests will adhere to the rules and regulations of the boats and the resorts where they are docked. Any damages to property will be billed to the client

More info contact:
Office Hours Monday to Friday 9:30am - 6pm
Tel: 083-251-8784
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