Origin Nite Club

Orgin nite club

The Origin Nite Club is set across 3 levels in the historic Winston hotel the orgin an Entertain wonderland featuring 3 dance floors with 4 different style of music is certainly the place to be on a Friday or Saturday night.

The 4 different style of music range from Dubstep, DNB , House, Electro, Tech to Soul, Funk and Retro Classics.

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Guy and Girl Orgins

My experience the nights I have been there have been nothing but awesome sorry before I forget Orgin Nite Club is situated in

9 Clark Rd Glenwood on top of the Winston Pub and Hotel.

If you thinking of going partying and dont want to drive home click here to book into a hotel for the night.

Dance Floor Orgins

One thing unique about Orgin Nite Club that I have not seen at any other nite club is they have a swing which is really nice just to sit and relax with some special man or woman or who knows the girl or guy you just met at the club.

Drinks Price I found to fairly Reasonable and overall the vibe and energy of the club was very a party environment.

Not there are bouncers at the club who don`t take and non sense from drunk stupid people if I can describe it that way. Bar service was very good I never had to wait more than about 2 mins for a drink and was fine until those tequila `s started coming out. Overall I give Origin a 7/10 and my main reason for this is I am the type of guy like a really big dance floor with space and felt a little crammed in the club although that said the air flow through the club was fairly good to keep feeling quite comfortable.