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The Durban Natural Science Museum is dedicated to the earth, it's history, it’s future, its life and the life forms that live and have lived on it. The worldly home of this historic earth collection is housed in a 2200m² interior of Durban City Hall (pictured) which although historic in its own standing - impressing with its modern renaissance architecture since 1910; never seems to get as much attention as the earth whose architecture dates back 4.55 billion years.

Founded in 1887 this museum is the most popular of its kind in Southern Africa with an average of 295 000 human mammals visiting annually. The educational backbone of young scientists is fossilized amongst displayed skeletons of extinct species. A visit presents an opportunity for a future bright spark to come face to face with a past Dodo and for a current full-scale adult specimen to feel insignificant alongside the life-size reconstruction of the Tyrannosaurus-Rex dinosaur.

Your Ad Here See stuffed insects, birds, fish and reptiles that echo evidence of their earthly existence. Explore the Hall of Earth Sciences Gallery, meet Peter Amen the authentic Egyptian Mummy and journey back in time with innovative exhibitions informing on the origins of Africa. This museum parts with knowledge through fascinating visual displays contributing to the conservation of natural heritage. Spend some time letting research entertain you on this planet that was here before you and will leave after you.

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Our Durban Natural Science Museum give s you a lot of information about the earth, its history and life on earth, both past and present.

Climbing the stairs to the Museum you are greeted by Africa's largest mammal. View the displays on the landing, including the old-fashioned Victorian cabinet display. Enjoy the beautifully detailed mural by local ceramic artist, Frances Dunlop.

Behind the elegant giraffe you will see the information desk with friendly staff to help you. Adjacent is the notice board showing the JS Steel Auditorium public programme. Do not miss the display of the Mummy of Peten-Amen who lived in Egypt 2300 years ago and a display of one of the five most complete skeletons of the extinct bird - the Dodo - in the world.

The P A Clancey Gallery has a collection of Southern African birds realistically displayed, including a model of the giant Elephant Bird and its fossil egg. You can even listen to the selection of bird calls. Also look out for the beautifully painted display backdrops.

Kwanunu Insect Arcade - Inspect some of the 750 000 identified species of insects on earth today, insects you may never have seen before. KwaZuzulwazi Science Centre (meaning Pleace of Discovery) - Enjoy a close-up experience with real animal specimens, human anatomy models and multimedia computers. Open your mind to science and technology through hands-on displays. Also suitable for children of ages six, to ten.

The Hall of Earth Sciences Gallery is dominated by a life-sized reconstruction of the extinct dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex. Undertake a journey through time, from earth's fiery beginnings over 4000 million years ago to the appearance of human life on earth.

Enjoy the magnificence of Southern African wildlife in natural looking habitats in the W A Campbell Gallery. Hall of Amphibians and Reptiles - Identify Southern African snakes. Enjoy the Nile crocodile or the lizards in their natural habitats, and more.

The museum is open 363 days a year and only closed on Good Friday and Christmas days.

Durban Natural Science Museum Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8h30 - 16h00; Sunday & Public Holidays 11h00 - 16h00

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