Holiday Inn Durban

Durban has a quite a few Holiday Inn for the idea Holiday stay or Business trip. The Inn`s have beautiful view over looking the Durban beach front. As see from the pic below. The Holiday Inn are in walking distance to the beach and are quite close to Suncoast ,Ushaka Marine World and pretty much all the beach front entertain which can be found by clicking here.

Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn don't just feature the idea location in Durban but they also magnificent conference packages if you planning to host a conference there. Trust me the lunch the Hotel put on make the the conference absolutely worth it. There is a full buffet every single which is delicious.

The Hotel feature about 10 Digital Satellite station and a swimming pool for those of you who want to sit back relax and put you feet up. Of course a full on bar facility is also available and then the city is just down road should you wish to go and do some shopping (To much like hard work for me).

Overall the Inn's are pretty much the same all over the world so you know what to expect when coming to stay at one and yeh if it what you as a person like then go for it I tend to find them perfect if I am coming on my own on business and if I am with my wife but would not recommend then if you coming with the whole family as it can get pricey.

Last but not least there are 3 Holdiay Inn`s on the the beach front of Durban and 1 up near Gateway Thearter of shopping Leave Holiday Inn Garden Court and return to main page