The Fitzsimons snake park

Fitzsimons snake park

The Fitzsimons snake park is a sanctuary and home to hundreds of both indigenous and exotic snakes, including mambas, cobras, and puff adders. You can also see other great reptiles like iguanas, tortoises, and some crocodiles!

For you snake-lovers out there they also give talks and demonstrations on a daily basis. You will be happy to note that they will be secured in glass viewing enclosures [thermostatically controlled of course] to allow you to breath a little easier.
Snake feeding sessions take place on weekends, at

2:30pm and

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Fitzsimons snake park The Park focuses on South African snakes but never fear you'll see snakes from other parts of the world too, Like the Anaconda! So if you want to see some our slithering friends, visit the Fitzsimon snake park!

The snake park also boasts the most dangerous snake in the world being the black mamba. The black mamba in nature is so dangerous it has been know to take out an entire herd of cattle in nature. The snake is common to the low veld in South Africa mainly the Nelspruit area and Kruger national park area. But the snake can be seen at the snake park behind glass.

240 Lower Marine Parade
Tel: 031 337 6456

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