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Gateway Threather of Shopping Entertainment

Gateway has 18 Ster Kinekor movie theatres, including the popular IMAX theatre, 6 Nouveau Cinemas, a playhouse called the Barnyard Theatre, an artificial Wave and much more Click here for More

Pavilion Entertainment

Fun Filled Activities At The Pavilion include Adventure Golf, cinamas, TenPin bowling and more Click here for more

Fitzsimons snake park

The Fitzsimons snake park is a sanctuary and home to hundreds of both indigenous and exotic snakes, including mambas, cobras, and puff adders. Click Here

Fun World Amusement Park

The Beachfront Fun World Amusement Park is a wonderland of fun and fantasy for both adults and kids. Situated on Marine Parade opposite the Holiday Inn, the Amusement Park provides secure entertainment for the whole family in a world of carnival lights, music and entertainment.

Durban Ice Rink

The Durban Ice Rink, a new beginning, a place for great fun, entertainment, restoring friendships, relaxation, music and dance Your Ad Here