Durban Swingers at the Club Sinsations

Durban Swingers life style is Adult entertainment at its best at Club Sensation Durban`s only swingers club is the heart of the adult entertainment in the lovely city of Durban.

But be warned this is adult entertainment if the site of topless girl or boys offends don`t read any further and don`t come to the club this the for the Durban Swingers lifestyle type of people only. Should you want to know more about the club goto  Club Sinsation features many things that you wont find at any other club in the city of Durban. The thing club has to offer is as follows.

Dance floor
Stripper Pole
Play Rooms
Voyeur Room with Jacuzzi
Secure Parking
Dark Room

Should you want to visit there play site check out


The club is very reasonable in terms of drinks and normally you can early bird discount if you book and pay before the Thursday midday. The club hold weekly parties normally starting at around 20:00 and they last until about 04:00 in the morning. What particularly nice is they also offer free showers and towels so if in the middle of the night you wanna have a shower you simple go for it and you might if you extremely lucky pick up a lady or two to join you. But I leave that up to you imagination.

I just that if you go go as a couple as its generally alot more fun to swing and do things together. There are also a lot of single ladies who also goto to the club so guys you wont be left lone.

Do and Donts

1. Don`t come to tbe club if you going to get jealous of another man touching your wife. This is the Durban Swingers Life style if this offends you it not the place for you.

2. Exactly the same applies for the woman.

3. Don`t come to the club if you are a prostitute you not there to look for business and if you are you will be asked to leave.

4.Do come to have fun.

5.Enjoy what the club has to offer

6. If you end up with someone good for you if you don`t enjoy the bar, jacuzzi and another thing the club has to offer.

7. Don`t come to fight. You will be remove immediately.

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