Durban Expo Cente

Durban Expo Centre

The Durban Expo centre is located in Durban directly opposite the Durban ICC and Hilton Hotel.

The center contain 2 main halls which are adjacent to each other and can opened up to make one big hall. Halls number 1 has 70 pillars all with DB boards on them and this idea for exhibitors as you wont need to run power cables power those stands.

Your Ad Here Hall number 2 has no pillars in it and is perfect for doing shows during the expo and can also be configured for exhibitors.

When there are big conferance like Cop17 at the ICC the Expo center is also used to take the excess amount people due to the fact that it is so close to the Durban ICC,

durban expo 2

The Durban Exhibition Center has plenty of parking and is truly the best place in Durban to hold an exhibition, show or even a wedding. Its not as upmarket as the ICC but is very similar in size.

Some of the more popular expo which happen at the Durban Exhibition center include the following.

1. Home makers Expo this expo is shows all the popular things you would want in your home

2. Sexpo This is an Adult expo display everything that is sexy and ulitmately displaying alot of sexual nature so if that type of stuff offends you best you don`t go to this one.

3. Baby Expo this expo showcases everything you think you should have for a baby.

4. Wedding expo this shows all the latest design of wedding dresses and latest trend in the wedding business.

5. Christmas Expo this expo is around Christmas where you can normally pick up one or 2 bargains just in time for Christmas.

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