About Durban Tourism

About Durban Tourism :Before I say more see the video below.

A little about me. I was born in South Africa in a little town called Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. Know please excuse my spelling and grammer it is not my strong point in life anyway moving along.

I went to high school in a little city called East London and lived there for about 5 years. From there I went to Port Elizabeth yet another city in South Africa which I to say is one of the most beautiful citys in the World and certainly can boast the best beaches.

From there I lived in Pretoria as I did military service in Pretoria and as a youngster I really enjoyed Pretoria only to move to Cape Town.

Cape Town I got say is the most Beautiful city in the world but as I always say its the nicest city to go on holiday to but I didnt enjoy living there much.

Next I move back to Johannesburg before meeting my wife there. My wife moved down to Durban and chased her there and I got to say I absolutely love it to bits it got to be the warmest and friendlist place to live in South Africa and that was when I decided to use my skill with computer and create a website to tell other people about this amazing and beautiful city.

But when it came to choosing how to build my Durban Tourism site I decided to use Site Sell or SBI for short.

The Reason I decide to use SBI was because it has a proved track record and further more I could make a little bit of money on the side and establish a true online Business. So if you want to do a similar type of thing then Click on this link

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