Night Clubs and Pubs

Pana room

1. A very up Market Found in Morning Side
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The Lounge Night club

Your Ad Here 2. The Roman Lounge, Durban’s premier upmarket gay bar and club

TRAXX Night Club

3. With a spectacular lighting rig, visual displays that never cease to intrigue, and a sound system that is designed to give full interpretation to the musician's dream, the experience at TRAXX Nightclub leaves a lasting impression.

Burn Night Club

4. Durban's premier alternative rock and live music venue!

The Winston

5. The Winston Pub is a landmark of Durban's rough and ready - lovers of live, loud and heavy music and those who seek a hideaway from the sunshiny world outside.

Clapham Grand

5. Clapham Grand is a 4.5 million rand Night club. Equipped with 6 bars- 2 on each level with a specialized shooter bar and a specialized cocktail bar

80’s Nightclub

6. Eighties is the longest standing nightclub in Durban – a highly rated, popular venue located near The Shark Tank

Studio 54

7. Studio 54 is situated in Pinetown, a suburb of Durban, and is about a 20 minute drive from the beachfront. It probely one of the best club I have been to in Durban as well