Durban Car Rental South Africa

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Well Durban car rental South Africa is no exception as there varios place in Durban that you can hire a car although most people will hire a car at the at the King Shaka Airport. In South Africa we are no excpection and have all main car Rental companies in our country. So if you have a preferred Car Rental company such as Avis, Eurocar,Budget then you can rent it from them. A word of advice for locals though I find Avis, Budget normally full of nonsense if you a South African Local to get unlimted millage. Dollar/Thriftywhich is my preference of car rental company are normally fine and give me unlimited millage without a problem. This does not affect international travelers though as they unlimited millage normally quite easily.

One thing to remember with Durban car rental South Africa is the holding deposite that you have to put on you credit card normally its around R5000 ( US$750 ) unless you go for the super cover option which is normally a little more on the insurance fees but a lot less on the security deposit.I know charge a R1000 ( US$200 ). One other thing to bear in mind with regards to Car rental in Durban and South Africa is you have to have a credit card to rent a car at all the major Car Rental companies. There are few smaller operator that allow you to do cash rental but they do require you to make a cash payment up front before you can rent the car. Please also don’t forget your drivers license when you wanting to rent a car. Most international driver licenses are accepted in South Africa.

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