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Clicks is located at most major shopping malls in Durban and South Africa. Malls include Gateway , Pavaillion, Galleria, La Lucia Mall they also have a few shops in the centre of town and outlying areas. Just about every Town in South Africa has click in it.

This retial store in South Africa selling mainly cosmetics and whole heep of other items as well. They normally quite cheap in terms of cosmetics but alot of minor appliances in South Africa are all bought at Clicks. The retailer has recently started a pharmancy and has influecented the price of medication recently in South Africa. Clicks are well know for things like false nails, Chocolates, razors, knives, Cutlary, camaras, etc. Alot of things like body lotion and certain creams are only avilible at Clicks

Clicks Large

Some of the well know brands that clicks sells are philips, Pineware, cadberys, kodac and more. Click is a great place to go and shopping for presents for especially for housewives. Alot of the presents that I bought for my mother have come from Clicks.

Click also have loyality club namely the click club cards where when you spend you earn points once you spent x amount Clicks send you discount vouchers. Add to this they regulary send specials and promotions.

Some of the write up about the products you can buy at clicks see below

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