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CNA is a retail store found in South Africa at most major malls in South Africa. They are part of the Edcom group and in Durban they can be found at Gateway, Pavilion Pinecrest, Hillcrest mall, La Lucia, Galleria, and Musgrave mall. In addition they can be found at a lot of the smaller malls as well. They specialize in the following thing.

C.N.A Store

1A wide range of Travel & Map products if you looking for a travel book or just a map of the city then this is the right place to buy it
2. Xbox games as well as the consoles
3. Playstation games as well as the consoles
4. Wii titles
5. Cd and music as well as DVD`s
6. Stationary
7. Books
8. Movie DVD`s as well as music video DVDS
9. Software and some PC hardware
10. Magazines titles local and abroad. Many of the Magazines that you buy in the UK and US you can buy here
11. Newspapers local and some international ones as far as I know you can buy the UK Telegraph at most stores .

It is a really convenient retail store when you looking for those odd and end for you camara as well as they things like SD card as well as well as develop photos for people. If I had to compare it to some of the shops I seen in the rest of the world I would compare to Virgin stores. Remember also if you wanna get a sim card to use while you in South Africa you can get them from them. However you will have to produce you Passport as South Africa brought out a RICA policy to combat crime.

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