Ballito Beaches

Ballito Beaches are really nice and they are currently on 25 km away from the Durban the town is growing so much that soon it will be part of Durban. Anyway I writing about Ballito beaches cause they are really nice and especially for the surfers and body boarders.

Situated on the North Coast as its called and about 10 mins away from the King Shaka International airport the little town of Ballito has 3 nice beaches namely Salt Rock main beach Thompsons Bay beach and Ballito main beaches.

Thompson Bay Beaches

The Ballito Beaches are know hosts to the MR Price Pro Surfing event and this normally happens in around about June/July when the surf is at its peak in KZN and Durban. The Mr Price Pro surfing is not just surfing its an entire festival of music, parties concerts and much more.

But coming back to the beaches each beachs has its pro`s and cons in Ballito. Ballito Main beach is well situated and is in between 2 rocks of reefs and generally quite a safe beach on the other hand parking is a bit of nightmare during the December period and everyone on the beach that time of the year.

Thompson Bay is a really nice beach and has tidal pool for the kids to enjoy with their padal ski`s and very safe for swimming. Thompson bay has a dedicated parking spot but it is quite a walk down to get to the beach.

Last but least there is Salt Rock beach probably one of the best surfing beaches in KZN but be warned there are a lot of backwashes and currents to compete with. This is the beach where the Mr Price Surfing normally happens.

Blue flags

Only Thompsons Bay and Ballito main beach have blue flags status putting them well up there with international standards.

Directions to the Thompson Bay Beach

Get onto the N2 Hignway to Ballito go through the Tongaat Toll Plaza and head off at the Shaka`s Rock turn off after the ballito turn off. Once you have taken that off ramp head into toward the town if you coming from Durban its a right turn over the highway head down the road until you get to a T-Juntion. Take a right at the T juntion and drive for about kilometer until you see the Thompson Bay car park. Park you car there and walk down to the beach.

Directions to Salt Rock Main Beach

Take the N2 Hign through the Tongaat Toll plaza toward Stanger. Take the Shaka`s rock turn off and take a right back over the highway into Ballito until you get to a T-juntion at the T-juntion turn left and drive for about 2 kilometer you will see the Salt Rock main beach.

Directions to Ballito Main Beach

Drive along the N2 until you get the Ballito off ramp. Take the offramp and turn right going into Ballito Drive until you see a BP garage at the garage turn left and take the very next turn right so that the Bp is on your right hand side. Proceed down the road until you get to a T junition. At the T-juntion take a right until you get to caravan park. At the Caravan take the the very next road right and look for a parking you then at the main beach.

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